Month: January 2021

Internet Software

Custom Cursor – a fun extension for Google Chrome

If you want to add some liveliness and fun while browsing the internet, we have the perfect thing for you, Custom Cursor free extension for Google Chrome for Windows 7, 8, and 10. This simple extension allows you to change the look of your cursor while using Chrome. In other programs, it will not work. […]Read More


How to always run Google Chrome in Incognito mode on Windows 10

Incognito mode in Google Chrome is a private web browsing mode. When using incognito mode, your history, cookies, website data, and any information you enter on the web sites you visit will not be stored on your computer. Anything you download or bookmarks you create will be saved unless you delete them manually. It is […]Read More


Brave browser adds support for IPFS

In a blog post, the Brave browser developers announced that they are collaborating with Protocol Labs on the integration of the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) protocol into their browser. What is IPFS The usual way to access websites is to use the HTTP or HTTPS protocol (the standard internet protocols used today). The browser uses […]Read More


How to enable HTTPS-Only mode in Mozilla Firefox

HTTPS is a security protocol, and it is the method for maintaining privacy and security on the Internet. This protocol establishes an encrypted connection between your internet browser and a web server that prevents eavesdropping or unauthorized alteration of the data exchanged between you and the website you are visiting. The HTTPS protocol’s main problem […]Read More


Waterfox – an improved copy of Firefox

In the software market, we have a bunch of programs that all do the same thing, some better, some worse, some stand out for their specifications or business model, and some focus on a specific task. The point is that no matter what we want to do, we have a large selection of programs at […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Photodemon – a free image editing program

We write about photo editors fairly often, but we also have a good reason. Editing your favorite photos is something we all enjoy sometimes, and we have a huge selection of quality editors on the market, and we find a new one we need to talk about all the time. This time we found one […]Read More


How to turn on text suggestions in Windows 10

Most of us have come into contact with automatic text suggestions when we are typing mobile phone messages. When we start typing a word, three suggestions will appear at the top of the keyboard, which we can tap, and the word will be written in our message. Did you know that Windows 10 also has […]Read More

Educational Software

Learn programming with the Grasshopper app

Learning programming is not easy. It requires a lot of studying, constant work, time, and dedication. Probably the biggest problem for anyone just starting to learn is to understand the basic concepts of programming. There are many of them, and some are not immediately clear. A free Android and iOS app called Grasshopper will help […]Read More


Android apps on Windows 10

As smartphones and the apps that run on them evolve and get better every year, we are, understandably, using these mini-computers that fit in our pockets, more and more. Today, reading emails and newspapers or watching youtube is something we would rather do on our phone than on a computer or laptop. According to data […]Read More