Month: June 2021


How to Turn off Personalized Ads in Windows 10

Windows 10, like many other programs and online services, assigns each user a unique identifier called the Advertising ID. This identifier is used to monitor user activities, on the basis of which personalized advertisements are served. If you don’t want to get personalized ads, Windows 10 has the option to turn them off. This does […]Read More

Educational Software

EquatIO – Math Has Never Been Easier

As we all know, math is one of the easiest and most popular subjects in school. Because of that, it is almost unheard of for students to take extra lessons from a subject that is as easy as math. Aids like calculators are completely useless, and we have to ask ourselves why someone wasted time […]Read More


How to Reset Advertising ID on Android

The Android operating system has a unique identifier called Advertising ID. Advertising companies use this ID to track your activity in applications and on the Internet and to serve you targeted advertisements. This identifier cannot be removed, but it can be reset. In this way, your activity is deleted, that is, you get a new […]Read More


How to Hide Last Seen Status on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, you can see when someone is online. When you open the chat, at the top of the screen, below the name of the person you chated with, you will see if that person is online and if not, when was the last time they were online. Also, this way others can see if […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems


Have you ever tried to delete a file and Windows reports that a program or process is using that file, so it’s impossible to delete it? Who uses that file, what process and why exactly that file? We generally don’t get an answer to these questions, and unless we understand how Windows works at the […]Read More


How to Switch Back to Old Facebook Design

A couple of years ago, Facebook modernized the look of its website but left the option to restore the old look for users who liked the old look. Unfortunately, this option was recently removed, so now everyone has to use the new look. Fortunately, there is a way to bring back the old look of […]Read More

Internet Software

Top 5 Best Free Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. The reason for that is easy to see, it is fast, excellently designed and contains all the necessary functions. However, the real power of this browser is the huge library of extensions it has. In this post, we will present you top five, in our […]Read More


How to Check Video Bit Rate and Frame Rate on Android

If you try to see video information on your Android phone using pre-existing options, you’ll only be able to see basic information, such as file size, resolution, and video duration. To see detailed information such as Bit Rate and Frame Rate you will need to install an additional application. There are various applications that you […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

Edge Blocker

Computer code written by a programmer is not something a computer can understand. Because of this, each code must be translated into machine language, which the computer can understand. Special programs called Compilers are used for this. Each programming language has its own Compiler, a program that translates a computer language into a machine language. […]Read More