Month: March 2022


How to Change the Profile Image on Trello

If you want to change the profile picture in Trello, you have probably noticed that this option is not available in the settings. The reason for this is that when you create your Trello account, you automatically get an account of the company Atlassian that made this program, and the option to change the profile […]Read More


How to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10

If the sensitivity of your mouse is too low or too high, this can be very frustrating, and it can make working on a computer unbearable. Fortunately, adjusting mouse sensitivity in Windows 10 is easy and you can do it in just a few moments. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to […]Read More


How to View Your Purchase History in Google Play Store

If you used the Google Play Store and bought something there, and now you want to see what you bought, when, and how much you paid for it, the Play Store offers a handy option to view your purchase history. Keep in mind that the purchase history cannot be deleted, you can only view it. […]Read More

Productivity Software

Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Car Maintenance Apps

Most car problems can be avoided with regular maintenance. The problem is that repairs, services, and technical inspections are difficult to track, so it often happens that we simply forget about them. Car maintenance applications can help us here. In addition to the ability to remind us to take the car for service, these applications […]Read More

Desktop Enhancements

Before Dawn – Screensavers for the Modern Age

In the past, before the advent of modern LCD monitors, screensavers played an important role. Namely, if one and the same image, without any changes, is displayed on the CRT monitor for too long, there is a chance that a so-called burn-in effect will occur, which will engrave the image on the screen, so it […]Read More


How to Convert a Row to a Column in Microsoft Excel

If you created a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, adjusted the fields neatly, formatted the columns and entered the data, and then concluded that the spreadsheet would look better if the rows and columns were reversed, we have good news for you. You don’t have to delete the whole table and redo it because there is […]Read More