Month: April 2023


How to Add Your CV on LinkedIn

Adding your CV to LinkedIn allows recruiters to see your professional achievements and potentially contact you for available positions. There is no “Add CV” option on LinkedIn, but you can publish your CV as a regular post, as an ad that you are looking for a job, or in our opinion, the best solution and […]Read More


WhatsApp Lets You Transfer History From iPhone to Android

Google has announced that it is enabling the transfer of WhatsApp history from iPhone to Android devices running version 12 or later. This includes call and message history, as well as any pictures and videos that have been sent. This option will help anyone switching from iPhone to Android by enabling the quick transfer of […]Read More


How to Translate an SMS Message Using Google Translate

The Google Translate app for Android includes a handy feature that will help you translate anything, including text messages. All you have to do is copy the text you want to translate, press the Google Translate button, and that text will be translated. Best of all, you’ll also be able to use the Google Translate […]Read More


How to Merge Two Cells in Google Sheets

If you have data that are in different cells, and you want to have them all in one, Google Sheets has a solution. You can do this in a number of ways, and while there are simpler methods, the best is by using a function. This way you will have the most flexibility, and the […]Read More


How to Change the Language of PowerPoint

By default, PowerPoint‘s language will be the same as your operating system’s language. However, you can change this to any language in the settings. If the language you want is already installed, all you have to do is select it from the list. Otherwise, there is an option to install a new language. Watch our […]Read More


Instructions on How to Edit a Video in CupCut for Android

CapCut is a free video editing app from Bytedance, which owns TikTok. We recently published a review of CupCut and praised it as one of the best free video editing options out there, and that’s still our opinion. For this reason, we decided to create tutorials where we show some of the most used options […]Read More


How to Change the Language on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has an option where you can change the website language. It is possible to choose one of the 25 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and others. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to change the language on LinkedIn, using Windows 10 and Mozilla Firefox. Video Transcript: How to Change the […]Read More

Entertainment Software

Daily Diary – Lockable Electronic Diary

If you like to keep a diary, you probably write down your daily experiences and feelings in a notebook that you keep under your bed or at the bottom of a drawer. If this is the case, it’s time to switch to an electronic diary, and we’ll introduce you to one that focuses on security […]Read More


How to Add Borders Around a Paragraph in Word

If you want to highlight a certain text in Microsoft Word, you can do it in several ways. One way is to create a border around a particular paragraph, and this is quite easy to do. You can edit the appearance of the borders, and you can also place a border only next to a […]Read More