5 Best Applications for Language Learning

5 Best Applications for Language Learning

The ability to communicate effectively in more than one language ​​has always been valued, and today more than ever. Finding time and money for language classes can be a challenge. If you are employed, finding free time and energy to study is very difficult, while if you do not work and have plenty of free time and energy, money will inevitably be a problem.

Fortunately, today traditional classes are not the only way to become a polyglot. There are many free language learning programs, which allow you to learn at a speed that suits you. If you are not sure which program to choose, we have made a list of the five best free programs for learning languages.



DuoLingo is the most famous free language learning application, with over 100 million users, available for Windows 7, 8, 10, Android, and iOS. The secret of the success of this application is thanks to the gamification of the learning process. Instead of feeling like you’re learning, you’re going to feel like you’re playing a game.

Most of the courses that DuoLingo offers are created by native speakers, which helps to ensure accuracy regarding how the language is spoken today. Another very good thing is that the application does not assume that you know how to speak English, which is often the case with such programs. For each of the nearly one hundred language courses, there is an option to choose a course for those who do not speak English.

We have already written about DuoLingo, and you can read our detailed review on Duolingo – language learning app.

  • To download DuoLingo for Windows click HERE.
  • To download DuoLingo for Android click HERE.
  • To download DuoLingo for iOS click HERE.



With over two hundred languages ​​available, chances are you’ll find the language you want to learn with MemRise. The application is free and available on Android and iOS, and you can access it on your computer via the website. In addition to the really impressive number of languages ​​available, what sets MemRise apart from the competition is the way the app teaches you.

Instead of relying on memorizing and recognizing words without context, MemRise, as its name suggests, uses memes. This unusual approach to learning has two purposes. The first is to keep you interested. Learning a language requires a lot of repetition, which can quickly get boring. The second helps users to remember words using recognizable motives.

We honestly believe that the developers have succeeded in this. Even when simply testing the app for the purpose of this post, we have repeatedly embarked on learning just to understand the meme on the screen.

  • To access the MemRise website click HERE.
  • To download MemRise for Android click HERE.
  • To download MemRise for iOS click HERE.



HelloTalk is a free app for Android and iOS. While most apps focus on the lessons, here the approach is completely different. Instead of lessons, users connect directly with users whose native language is the language you are learning.

Communication takes place via text and voice messages. With the tools available in the app, users can correct each other’s messages in real-time. There is also a translation option if you simply do not know the word you want to write.

In addition to chatting, it is possible to send a public message, which can be seen by all users of the application. This way you can get a quick correction of the text you write for, say, school or work.

HelloTalk supports over 150 languages ​​and has over 25 million users. Our opinion is that this application is best for practicing, not for learning.

  • To download HelloTalk for Android click HERE.
  • To download HelloTalk for iOS click HERE.



Babbel is a free app for Android and iOS. With only 14 languages to learn, it has by far the fewest languages ​​of the applications we have written about so far. The reason why it deserves to be on this list is that this is an application that uses the classic way of learning through lessons and repetition, which is the most effective method when you are just starting to learn a language.

Beginner courses rely on pictures, while later lessons will use phrases that are often used in the language you are learning and thus slowly increase your vocabulary. Later lessons will be more complex, and the tests you will receive are of high quality.

If you are just starting to learn a language, that is, you do not know it at all, this is the best application to start learning, if the language you are learning is in Babbel’s very limited library.

  • To download Babbel for Android click HERE.
  • To download Babbel for iOS click HERE.



The Busuu application is named after the Busuu language, which has only 8 native speakers in the world. It is available for free for Android and iOS, and you can access it on your computer via the website. It offers the ability to learn only 12 languages ​​and to use its full potential you will need to purchase the premium version. It contains interactive exercises and quizzes designed to be effective and fun.

Then why did we include it in the list of the best free applications? The reason is that before you start learning a language, you can take a test that will check your level of knowledge. Other applications also have this option, but it is by far the highest quality here and in our opinion will best determine your level of knowledge, and that option is completely free.

When you want to test your knowledge, Busuu is the app for you, unfortunately, as with the previous app, if the language you are learning is in Busuu’s very limited library.

  • To access the Busu website click HERE.
  • To download Busuu for Android click HERE.
  • To download Busuu for iOS click HERE.



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