Five best Clipboard managers for Windows

Five best Clipboard managers for Windows

If you are a loyal user of the Windows operating system, you must have struggled with copying content for a long time. Windows 10 allows you to extend the Copy/Paste options by saving more copied content. Using tools like Clipboard Managers allows you to see all the data you’ve copied in the last few days and select it if you want to use it again. That’s why we present to you the five best copying tools for Windows.



An extremely handy tool, removes all formatting and HTML tags, leaving you with only text. It also offers another useful feature – Text Replace, which helps you find and replace pieces of text. Thanks to the manager preview function, you can easily see a preview of any image copied to the program. In addition to images, this feature also works with HTML color codes, so if you are a web designer, this feature can be valuable to you. ClipboardFusion is a simple Clipboard manager with exceptionally advanced features. It is available for Windows 10, iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Download ClipboardFusion

Clipboard Master


Clipboard Master is one of the most powerful tools of its kind. It supports the input of files, text, and images, and allows them to be easily viewed. Clipboard Master supports up to 10,000 entries, and also allows you to filter and view of the entered data. Another feature is the Safe option, which works similarly to the Password Manager. This option remembers passwords and allows you to enter them quickly without typing. The only downside is that it is only available for Windows.

Download Clipboard Master



Clipjump offers a rich user interface, but it certainly does not lack functionality. The main functionality is to organize the data. You can set up several different channels and give each channel its own program history so you can better organize your data. Clipjump is available for Windows users.

Download Clipjump



Very easy to use, with an attractive interface, ClipCube is an excellent tool for less experienced users. The only drawback is the inability to search for copied files and the lack of support for operating systems other than Windows.

Download ClipCube



Great, free, and easy to use tool. In addition to the standard “clipboard” options, it contains a great addon for translating files and supports saving files in text format. Like most programs on our list, you can only install ClipClip on a Windows operating system.

Download ClipClip


All these programs contain more or less similar functions. Whichever you choose, you will have no problems, and we are sure it will suit you.



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