IObit Malware Fighter for Windows

IObit Malware Fighter for Windows

As far as antivirus programs are concerned, we have fierce competition on the market, and each of the manufacturers claims that it is their product that offers the best protection. The fact is that the internet is a dangerous place and anyone can become a target, so it is a good idea to look for the best possible protection.

IObit from San Francisco is known for its computer maintenance utilities, IObit Uninstaller, Advanced SystemCare, and Driver Booster.

According to the developers, IObit Malware Fighter for Windows is designed to eliminate security threats by blocking unauthorized access to the computer and detecting threats in real-time. We tested whether they succeeded in that and how they compare with the competition, and unfortunately, we are not impressed.

IObit Malware Fighter

When you download and install IObit Malware Fighter it will run in the background while using your computer. You can run a manual threat detection scan, but the software is designed to scan and detect threats in real-time, which means it constantly checks all actions on your computer and detects the threat as soon as it occurs.

Excellent design and solid browser protection

When it comes to interface design, we have to admit, it is at a very high level. Everything is clean and clear at first glance. The design of colors and icons is beautiful and gives the impression of quality. An A+ for the design.

Another option we liked was Browser Protect, an option to protect your internet browser. Here we have Home Page protection, where you will receive a warning if a program tries to change it, downloads check and automatic scanning immediately after the download, protection of the DNS system from modifications, as well as blocking all unwanted toolbars, plugins, and miners.

Unfortunately, that’s where the praise ends

The thing that bothers us the most is that too many options are locked behind the program’s Pro version.

In the first place, ransomware protection is missing. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that threatens to publish the victim’s private data or permanently block access to that data or, in the worst case, to the entire computer if the ransom is not paid. This is an option that is very important and would be good to have it available in the free version.

Protection options against user tracking and collecting of private information are also available only in the paid version. An option we are used to getting for free from other programs of this type.

IObit Malware Fighter also left a bad impression in real-time work. When we compared it to Windows Defender, which is completely free, it worked slower, found fewer threats, and was slower to report detected threats. This was also noticed by users who reported the same problem on various forums.

After everything we wrote, IObit Malware Fighter does not get our recommendation. Although the program does what it is intended to do, there are a bunch of other products that do the same, but better and where you get more options in the free version.


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10



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