Password Tech a Password Generator

Password Tech a Password Generator

If the same password is reused for multiple services, the damage caused when information is leaked will be significant, so it is necessary to set a password for each. However, it is challenging to create many elaborate passwords. Password Tech makes a large number of random passwords that meet your requirements.

What is Password Tech?

Password Tech allows us to create and save a large number of passwords. Users can also create different profiles for specific use and to use different safety algorithms such as AES-256, ChaCha20 i SHA-256. You can start generating passwords from scratch or based on the main password that you entered.

Amongst many options, you have those that determine the length, character set, keywords and even the format that the results will be shown in. After you generate a password you have an insight in its strength and number of bits.

Is it worth it?

On the internet, we keep all our private information behind a password, so it is important to care about its safety. Password Tech will help us create strong, unique and secure passwords for each service that we use and save it so we don’t have to remember it, and all that for free. That is why this product has our recommendations.


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