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How to turn off Windows Defender automatic scanning

Windows Defender will periodically automatically scan your system and notify you if it finds anything. However, even though this is set to scan only when you are not using the computer, it often happens that the scan starts and after that, you start using the computer while the scan is running. This can cause the […]Read More


How to Scan a Document Using Google Drive on Android

Google Drive on Android has a handy option for scanning documents. The options for editing a scanned document are quite poor compared to applications that deal exclusively with documents scanning. However, it is easy to use, and most users have Google Drive already installed on their phone. Check out our video tutorial where we show […]Read More


How to Use Adobe Scan on Android

Adobe Scan is a free Android application that allows you to scan a paper document and save it as a PDF or JPEG file. The application also includes a text recognition option, which means that you can scan text from paper and open it in, for example, Word and then change it. Watch our video […]Read More

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How to use Google PhotoScan

The old photographs make us nostalgic for good old times. But with modern technology, they are the thing of the past. Still, it would be nice if we could have those photos on our electronic devices with us all the time. Google PhotoScan does just that. We show you how to use it in the […]Read More