Wipe – clean up junk files in Windows

Wipe – clean up junk files in Windows

Too many temporary and junk files on your hard drive not only take up unnecessary space but also slows down your PC and pose a security risk because passwords can be found among these files.

There are many programs that help us solve this problem, and Windows itself has its Disk Cleanup, which comes bundled with the operating system. For a program to attract our attention, it has to stand out from the competition, and the speed of work and ease of use are important categories here.

One such program is Wipe, a free program for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Because of its set of functionalities, how well they are implemented, and ease of use, we believe certain users will find Wipe very interesting.

How Wipe handles junk files

After you download, install and run Wipe, the system scan will start automatically. A large number in the middle of the interface represents the amount of “garbage” found. When the scan is complete, press the Delete key, and cleaning will be performed.

Wipe scanning

Using the program is extremely simple and does not require any prior knowledge or special skills. The user interface is nice and clear, and all the most important commands are visible and easily accessible, so there is no unnecessary wandering around in the options.

You can see what the program is scanning and what will be deleted in the Details section, so if you don’t want to delete everything, you can change it here. All this is organized into categories for easier navigation. The default settings are such that when a system cleaning is performed, it will affect the computer’s normal use. Additional items for scanning can be enabled, but they are recommended only to those who know exactly what they are doing.

Wipe - Details menu

In addition to its simplicity, the program also focuses on speed, and the scanning and cleaning process takes only a few minutes. For all users, who do not want to mess with the settings and need a program that will do the job quickly and reliably, this is the one to use.

A critique of Wipe’s business model

Wipe is a free program with a premium version. As such, the fact is that certain options must remain locked for the paid version to be more tempting.

For starters, the good news is that the program doesn’t “attack” you with ads. Although it will show them to you from time to time, the problem comes from too many options being locked behind the subscription. Any detailed settings or some of the more advanced options are not available. We are used to having at least some of these options available from similar programs, but here, there is only basic functionality, which is, to be honest, phenomenal.

Recommendation for Windows cleaning

Despite this objection, Wipe’s simplicity and speed of operation are its biggest advantages, making it an efficient option for users of all levels of experience and therefore receive our warm recommendation.

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