Month: November 2020

Internet Software

What are torrents?

You’ve probably heard of torrents, a way to get music, movies, or games completely free. You’ve also probably heard that using torrents is illegal. In this article, we explore what torrents are, how they work, whether they are legal, and how to protect ourselves when we use them. What is a torrent? The name torrent […]Read More


Useful shortcuts to manage Internet browser tabs

Sometimes long ago, internet browsers did not have tabs, so if you wanted to open multiple web pages at the same time, you had to open a web browser multiple times. Fortunately, that changed a long time ago and we got tabs, all open internet pages nicely packed in one place at the top of […]Read More


How to send a large file on Android

How to send a large file on Android? Sending large files over the Internet on Android can be inconvenient, even if you zip them beforehand because the email services we most commonly use have a limit on the maximum size of files to send. This limit is generally at a maximum of 25 MB. There […]Read More

Productivity Software

Taskade – organize your team

In working from the home era, we are constantly looking for better and better tools to help us. While we have programs that solidly perform individual functions like Viber for chatting, Google Keep for creating lists, and Zoom for video conferences, there are few that combine multiple functionalities and do it well. We found one […]Read More


How to turn off the Welcome Experience after updating Windows 10

Windows 10, after updating, sometimes opens a “Welcome Experience”, a Tips window informing you what’s new about the latest operating system update. Watch our video to learn how to set up “Welcome Experience” not to appear after updating Windows 10. Video transcript: In the search box, type settings Click on the result Click on System […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

CPU Grab Ex – stress test your processor

If you’ve ever overclocked your PC you know that testing the stability and integrity of your processor is the most important part. In order to perform such a test, it is necessary to make your processor work and keep it working while monitoring its performance. Introducing CPU Grab Ex, a free program for Windows that […]Read More


WhatsApp for Android – a complete guide

WhatsApp Messenger is a free app for Android and iOS that allows you to communicate for free with anyone who is a user of the application, and also offers several additional features to make messaging more fun and to stand out from Viber, Skype, and Zoom. Launched in 2009, WhatsApp is one of the most […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

AirVisual for Android and iOS

Air quality is one of the burning issues today. Due to the fact that the air is increasingly polluted, many of us worry and fear for our health. To at least somewhat reduce these fears, we present AirVisual, a free application for Android and iOS, designed to measure air quality. What does AirVisual measure? AirVisual […]Read More