Taskade – organize your team

Taskade – organize your team

In working from the home era, we are constantly looking for better and better tools to help us. While we have programs that solidly perform individual functions like Viber for chatting, Google Keep for creating lists, and Zoom for video conferences, there are few that combine multiple functionalities and do it well. We found one such tool, it is Taskade, a free program for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, as well as extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

What is Taskade

Taskade is a task management application, perfect for small and medium teams working on short-term and long-term projects. This impressive tool has a rich set of features that include daily/weekly task scheduling, real-time updates, video conferencing capability, and more.

Taskade Workspace

With Taskade, users get task management software where all team members have access to a to-do list and the ability to create their own tasks or to-do lists, as well as see all tasks for that day or the rest of the week. There is even a possibility to divide the project into individual tasks, and then schedule those tasks for the exact time they need to be done so that all team members will know when and what is next to be done.

Taskade calendar

Users can choose how they want to see their tasks, and then mark the task when it is done. As multiple tasks are completed and marked, a progress bar is filled, showing the team’s overall progress.

Taskade also works as an application for chatting, regular and video calls, as well as video conferencing. All this provides quick and easy communication for all team members, which results in better workflow and faster task execution time.


Taskade is a very simple tool for communication and task management, which will be easy for many to use immediately. The interface is really beautiful, and it is possible to further customize it to personal taste. If you have a team or you just need notes and an organization program, we recommend you try Taskade.



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