CPU Grab Ex – stress test your processor

CPU Grab Ex – stress test your processor

If you’ve ever overclocked your PC you know that testing the stability and integrity of your processor is the most important part. In order to perform such a test, it is necessary to make your processor work and keep it working while monitoring its performance. Introducing CPU Grab Ex, a free program for Windows that allows you to stress test your processor and graphics card.

What is CPU Grab Ex

CPU Grab Ex does not need to be installed so after downloading, you just need to run it. Upon launch, you will be shown an interface in which all the cores of your processor are listed in the upper part, and below is a slider that you can move from 1% to 100%. This represents the workload on the processor, and by pressing the Grab button you start testing in which the CPU Grab Ex will load the processor to the set threshold.

CPU Grab Ex showing cpu

During testing, you will have an insight into the CPU core load, displayed numerically, and via tiny diagrams that are refreshed in real-time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose which core will be tested, nor what type of work will be done. We also didn’t like that you don’t have an insight into the processor’s temperature, which is definitely something you want to monitor during a test like this.

Interestingly, you can order the program to also test the graphics card in the same way as with the processor. In our tests, this option worked perfectly, but we have to issue a warning, as we found user reports on certain forums about possible Windows “freezing” during the testing.

CPU Grab Ex showing gpu


CPU Grab Ex has its drawbacks, in the first place so few settings, but it seems to us that this was not the goal of the developers. This is a simple program that should provide you with a quick way to load your processor and thus test its stability and they have achieved this. If you often tinker under the hood of your computer, we recommend CPU Grab Ex.


Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP



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