InternetTest – Testing Internet Connection for Beginners

InternetTest – Testing Internet Connection for Beginners

When you have a problem with the internet, the first thing you need to do is test your internet connection. If all is well, the next step is to test the availability of the website you want to access and see if there is a problem. This is an obvious solution for anyone who knows a little bit about computers.

Those who are not so familiar with computers, even if they read this advice, may not immediately understand how to do this, and even if they find a program or service that does this, they will not know how to set up a test and interpret the results.

InternetTest is a free program for Windows 10 and 11 that is intended for less experienced users and will easily allow them to test their Internet connection.

How Does InternetTest Work?

As we said, InternetTest is intended for beginners, so no setup is required to check your internet connection. All you have to do is run the program and it will automatically check if your internet is working or not. At the end of the check, which lasts less than one second, users will be shown a simple message “you are connected to Internet” or “you are not connected to Internet”.

InternetTest menu

The next thing you can do with InternetTest is to find out the location of any website or your own router, which is handy if you want to check if the VPN is working properly. We like that there is also an option to display the location on the map using Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, and Yandex Maps services. In the settings, you can choose which service you want to use.

The last option offered by InternetTest is DownDetector, which will check at regular intervals whether a certain website is available on the Internet and inform you about it. The check will be performed every 30 seconds, and this interval can be changed. Keep in mind that if this interval is too small, the website may think that it is a bot and block your IP address.

The best thing about InternetTest is that there is no need for any settings for each of the options it offers. Everything happens automatically, and the settings that are available are graphic, language setting, notification, whether the HTTP or HTTPS protocol will be used, and which map service will be used.

InternetTest settings

InternetTest Is One of the Best Internet Testing Programs for Beginners

InternetTest is a simple program that will provide beginners with all the options they need to check their internet connection, so it gets our recommendation. The best thing is that for all the options it offers, there is no need for any settings and everything happens automatically.

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