Month: March 2021


How to reduce data usage in Chrome on Android

If you do not have unlimited free megabytes within the data package on your mobile phone, every megabyte counts. Google Chrome has a feature, called Lite mode, that compresses data and reduces internet consumption. When you enable Lite mode, before the web page is loaded in your browser, the data will first be uploaded to […]Read More

MP3 & Audio Software

Moo0 Audio Recorder

Recording sound on Windows computers is very easy with Voice Recorder, which comes bundled with the operating system. The biggest advantage of this program is its simplicity. Other than to start and stop recording, you will not find any additional options here. For most users, this is quite enough. We do not need professional programs […]Read More


How to show or hide file extensions on Windows 10

Every file on your computer has an extension that tells Windows what type of file it is. File extensions have three or four characters, although they can be longer. If, for example, we have the file “Example.docx”, Windows knows that it is a Word document due to the .docx extension, so it will start Microsoft […]Read More


How to turn off animations in Windows 10 for better performance

If you have an older computer, which has difficulty running Windows 10, turning off the animations can significantly improve performance. Windows 10 offers a convenient solution in which you can set the system to the best performance and thus delay the purchase of a new computer, at least for a while. Check out our video […]Read More


How to merge duplicate contacts on Android

There are times when your phone creates multiple copies of the same contact. This may happen when you accidentally synchronize all contacts, change the SIM card, or reset the device to factory settings. Duplicated contacts are inconvenient because they take up unnecessary space on the phone and make it difficult to navigate the contact list. […]Read More


The best browser for PC in 2021

Web browsers are among the most used programs on our computers and as such, at least when we talk about the most well-known brands, they are all very good. However, there are differences. Speed, customization, and battery life are, in our opinion, the most important aspects of a browser. So we decided to compare browsers […]Read More


Android apps don’t work – problem solved

A large number of Android users report constant crashes and unpredictable behavior of applications such as Gmail, Viber, Google Chrome, Yahoo Mail and others. Google has confirmed that this is the result of a bad update to the system application Android System WebView. This update has been pulled and replaced with a new version that […]Read More