Year: 2021


How to turn on text suggestions in Windows 10

Most of us have come into contact with automatic text suggestions when we are typing mobile phone messages. When we start typing a word, three suggestions will appear at the top of the keyboard, which we can tap, and the word will be written in our message. Did you know that Windows 10 also has […]Read More

Educational Software

Learn programming with the Grasshopper app

Learning programming is not easy. It requires a lot of studying, constant work, time, and dedication. Probably the biggest problem for anyone just starting to learn is to understand the basic concepts of programming. There are many of them, and some are not immediately clear. A free Android and iOS app called Grasshopper will help […]Read More


Android apps on Windows 10

As smartphones and the apps that run on them evolve and get better every year, we are, understandably, using these mini-computers that fit in our pockets, more and more. Today, reading emails and newspapers or watching youtube is something we would rather do on our phone than on a computer or laptop. According to data […]Read More


How to enable plug-ins in Chrome’s Incognito mode

Plug-ins (Extensions) are automatically turned off when you use Incognito mode in Google Chrome. The reason is to protect your privacy. Namely, when you use Incognito mode, Chrome tries to preserve your anonymity on the Internet as much as possible. One way to achieve this is to turn off all plug-ins as they can potentially […]Read More


How to upload a video to YouTube and how to schedule a release

YouTube has definitely become a twenty-first century television and one great thing is that we can all participate, completely for free, and some may even make money. All you need to upload a video to YouTube is a free Google Accountups . Still, YouTube can be a convenient place to store videos, and you will […]Read More

Desktop Enhancements

KeyzPal – keyboard indicators in the System Tray

If your keyboard has broken LED lights, which indicate when the ‘Caps Lock’, ‘Num Lock’ and ‘Scroll Lock’ buttons are on, or you have a small keyboard or laptop that does not have these lights, you probably have a hard time seeing when these keys on or off, we have a solution for you, KeyzPal […]Read More