Month: October 2022


How to Change the Firefox Download Folder Location

By default, when you download a file using Mozilla Firefox, that file will be placed in the Downloads folder. However, Firefox allows us to set any folder as the location where downloaded files will be stored and this is extremely easy to do. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to change the […]Read More


How to Send a Disappearing Message in Instagram for Android

If you want to use Instagram to send a message with sensitive information, which is better not left on the phone, the solution is disappearing messages. When you send a disappearing message, it will be automatically deleted as soon as the person you sent it to sees the message and exits the chat. An additional […]Read More


How to Delete a Sent Message on Viber for Android

If you send a message, then change your mind and wish you hadn’t sent it, Viber offers a solution. Namely, Viber allows users to delete a sent message. You can delete the message only on your phone, as well as on the phone of the person you sent the message to. Unfortunately, if that person […]Read More


How to Change the Theme in Gmail

If you want to add some style to your Gmail, one good solution is to change the theme. Gmail offers a large selection of beautiful themes, all of which go well with the existing look of the user interface, and changing the theme itself is a fairly simple task. Watch our video tutorial where we […]Read More


How to Clear Cache Memory on Instagram for Android

If you encounter the problem that Instagram is running slowly, the application freezes and stops working, or you encounter bugs within the application, one possible solution is to clear the cache. The Instagram cache is cleared from the Android settings and this is extremely easy to do. Watch our video tutorial where we show you […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Colorcinch – Free Online Photo Editing Software

We are witnessing the trend that more and more programs are available through the website, and photo editors are at the forefront of this. This approach to programs brings certain advantages, but also disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the fact that such programs are much slower and work worse than their offline counterparts, but they […]Read More


How to Share Your Current Location on Viber for Android

When you want to share your current location via Viber, you don’t need to type your address and number in the message. A much easier way is to share your GPS location. This way, not only do you not have to type the message, but the person you are sending the location to can simply […]Read More


How to Mute Someone on Instagram for Android

If you don’t want to offend someone by unfollowing them on Instagram, but you don’t want to see that person’s posts, the solution is to mute that person. When you mute a person, that person will not be notified and has no way of knowing that you have muted them unless they see it on […]Read More