Month: February 2023

Productivity Software

Forest – Help for Focusing on Work

Forest is a free plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and it also has an app for Android and iOS that will help you focus more easily on your work. In this review, we will focus on the plugin version of the program. If you are interested in the version for mobile devices, we […]Read More


How to Report a Post on TikTok for Android

If you come across a TikTok post that is offensive or rude in some way, you can report that post. When you report a post, it will be reviewed and if it violates any of the TikTok terms of service, the account from which the post was published will be penalized. Watch our video tutorial […]Read More


How to Write and Delete a Comment in Microsoft Word

Comments in Microsoft Word are a convenient way when working in a team, to suggest changes, give your opinion, or simply say hello to your colleagues. There are several ways to write a comment, as well as to delete it, and we’ll show you the way we believe is the fastest and easiest. Watch our […]Read More


How to Stop a Process (Program) In Windows 10

In Windows 10, a process represents a program in an execution state, that is, it is what we call a program when it is running. You can access the list of processes, running programs, using Task Manager, a special program with which you can view and manage processes. When you have too many processes running […]Read More


How to Repost on TikTok for Android

If you find an interesting post on TikTok that you want to share with your friends, one way to do that is to repost it. Reposting on TikTok means that the post will appear in your feed so all your followers can see it. That post will be marked as a repost, and users will […]Read More