EdgeDeflector – Stop Windows 10 From Opening Microsoft Edge

EdgeDeflector – Stop Windows 10 From Opening Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s Internet browser, Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer. Although Edge is quite solid in doing its job, users have mostly opted for browsers from other companies. This is not helped at all by the fact that Microsoft is relentlessly trying to force us to use its internet browser and thus only arouse our resentment.

Probably the worst thing the creators of Windows 10 have done is set up all links in the operating system to run automatically in Edge. This cannot be turned off using the options we have in Windows 10 and the only way is to use additional programs.

There are a lot of programs that solve the problem that Microsoft has created, but a lot of them are just blocking Edge from opening. Introducing EdgeDeflector, a free program for Windows 10 that will intercept all links that try to run Microsoft Edge, open them in your default internet browser.

How Does EdgeDeflector Work?

As we said, EdgeDeflector will intercept all links that try to start Microsoft Edge, open them in your default browser, and thus will not allow Edge to start. Once you set up the program, it will run in the background and will not reveal its presence in any way. The program doesn’t even have a user interface, because it doesn’t need it.

EdgeDeflector is probably the best solution we have come across. It works great and without errors. However, you must make one setting before you can use it.

After you have installed EdgeDeflector, go to Settings > Apps > Default apps, and at the bottom of the window click on Choose default apps by protocol. We have two columns in this window. Left, Name, which has the name of the protocol, and right, Default app, which contains the program that is set to run that protocol.

In the left column, find the protocol named MICROSOFT-EDGE. In the right column, Microsoft Edge will be the program that is set up to run this protocol. Click on the Edge icon and select EdgeDeflector from the drop-down list. After this, you will never again see Microsoft Edge, nor EdgeDeflector.

Setting up EdgeDeflector

EdgeDeflector Is a Solution to a Problem Created by Microsoft!

If you want to get rid of Microsoft Edge once and for all, EdgeDeflector is the best solution. The program is working phenomenally and we are lucky that for now, we have the opportunity to solve a problem that does not have to exist, at least in this way. It absolutely gets our recommendation, and we suggest you install it immediately.

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