Hippo Video – Record Your Screen Directly From Chrome

Hippo Video – Record Your Screen Directly From Chrome

Older people among us remember the times when recording a screen or a webcam was a big problem. The programs that were available to us worked when it suited them, and we had to use additional tools to edit the recordings, not to mention that the free versions of these programs were almost unheard of, and those that existed had only the most basic options.

Fortunately, today the situation is completely different. In addition to a large number of high-quality programs that we can buy, we also have free options, which do not lag behind in quality in any respect. Things have improved so much that today we have a large selection of plug-ins for web browsers that contain all the options for professional work.

One such extension is Hippo Video, a free plugin for Google Chrome that allows you to record with your webcam as well as record your screen, and also offers the free video editor.

How Does Hippo Video Work?

When you install the Hippo Video plugin, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of Chrome, and the first thing you need to do is create an account. This is not necessary and you can use the plugin without an account, but then only the recording options will be available to you. Since the account is free, we suggest you create one, even if you do not think you will use the additional features that will then become available.

Hippo Video menu

When you click on the plugin icon, you will see two main options, namely screen, and webcam recording. When recording a screen, you can choose to record all or parts of the screen. When the recording is finished, the option to save the recording will appear, and if you have created an account, the recording will be automatically saved on your account.

In your account, which you access via the Hippo Video website, in addition to saving the recordings, you have the option to share the recordings with members of your team, who must also have an account, and you can also edit the recorded video. There are two options for editing videos, free and paid.

The free option offers basic features such as trim, crop, adding text, frames, images, and more. Advanced options are only available in the paid version, but what is available for free is quite enough for most users. If you need a professional video editing program, Hippo Video can work, but there are better options.

Hippo Video settings

Hippo Video Is a Solid Choice for Less Demanding Users

The main advantage of the Hippo Video plugin is its simplicity. You don’t have to bother installing and setting up complicated video editing programs, it works great, and the free video editing option is quite enough for most users.

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