Linkbar – additional taskbars for Windows 10

Linkbar – additional taskbars for Windows 10

If you have a bunch of programs installed on your computer, your desktop is probably full of icons, and navigating in all that chaos can be a real challenge. You can solve this by creating folders in which to organize your shortcuts, but there is a better solution. Linkbar is a free program for Windows 10, which allows you to create additional taskbars in which you can place the most used shortcuts and thus clean and better organize your desktop.

How Linkbar works

No set up is required to start the program. All you have to do is install and run it and a new taskbar will appear at the top of the screen. Then you can simply drag and drop all the icons you want in it and have quick and easy access to those programs.

Linkbar desktop

You can place this taskbar next to any screen edge, and you can also have more than one taskbar active at a time. You can change and customize the appearance of each taskbar. You can change the color, size of the icons, how they are sorted, and even allow shortcut text to be displayed.

Linkbar settings

There is a possibility of adjusting the taskbar so that it is always visible on the screen or visible only when the desktop is visible. This is a feature that is not common with programs of this type.

Another interesting feature of Linkbar is that you can install it on a USB flash drive in case you want to use the program on other computers. The settings are stored locally, so you can’t create a portable program launcher directly from USB. This functionality allows you to quickly access the Linkbar, but every time you use it on a new computer you have to re-create taskbars and put your shortcuts in it. We must admit that this functionality is neither convenient nor practical for most users.


To summarize, Linkbar is a free program that can certainly help you quickly bring order to your desktop, especially if you often work with a large number of programs. Management is very simple, the layout is beautiful and can be adjusted, the new taskbar is ready in a couple of seconds from the moment the program is launched.


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