PingoMeter – Internet monitoring from System Tray

PingoMeter – Internet monitoring from System Tray

If you have a problem with your Internet, we suggest you test your Internet connection. You can do this in a number of ways, but the best is to install a program that will allow you to constantly monitor your internet and see when the problem occurs.

PingoMeter is a free program for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, with which you will be able to monitor the operation of your Internet and detect if there is a problem.

How Does PingoMeter Work?

PingoMeter is a portable program, which means that there is no installation, you just need to download and run it. When you start the program, its icon will appear in the System Tray (lower right corner of the screen, next to the clock). Apart from the settings menu, the program does not contain any other interface, and you can only monitor the Internet using the icon in the System Tray.

PingoMeter icon

PingoMeter works by pinging Google’s DNS server at IP address every three seconds and recording how long it took for the signal to go and come back. You monitor this using the mentioned icon in the System Tray, which shows a tiny diagram, and you can see the numerical value by placing the mouse cursor over this icon.

Honestly, we were surprised at how easy it was to read data from a diagram that’s only a few pixels in size, mostly because the connection speed is color-coded, green for good, yellow for acceptable, and red for bad. You can also change these colors, as well as the background color, in the settings, and you can turn on the display of numerical values ​​instead of the diagram.

PingoMeter settings

In the settings, you can also change the server you will contact, so you can use the program to test your server, and you can also set how often the server will be pinged. Note that if you ping the server too often, the website may think it’s a bot and block your IP address.

A not-so-small gripe we have is that you can only see the diagram in the System Tray and there is no option to open a larger diagram where you can view your internet performance in detail. Also, it lacks the option to save the data you get, which is also not a small complaint.

PingoMeter Is a Good Program, but There Are Better Ones Out There

PingoMeter is a handy program, mostly because it is so easy to monitor and keep an eye on the Internet connection. However, other programs of this type offer similar capabilities, but also additional options that are often very important when we test our Internet.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10



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