Six tools to change the look and functionality of Windows

Six tools to change the look and functionality of Windows

Don’t like the way your Windows 10 looks? You are not the only one who thinks so. Windows 10 has come under sharp criticism when it comes to user interface setup options. The problem here is not only in the appearance but also in the functionality of many parts of the operating system.

We’re writing about the top six free programs for changing the look and functionality of Windows.

Customizer God

Customizer God menu

Customizer God is a free program for Windows 7, 8, and 10. This is probably the best tool for editing the appearance of icons. The program contains many unique icons that you can use for the Start menu, Taskbar, battery, clock, date, and much more.

The best thing about Customizer God is that you don’t need any prior knowledge to use the program. Everything is divided into tabs, and the user interface is clear and easy to use.

As a bonus, we suggest you try Junior Icon Editor, which we have already written about. It is a free program with which you can draw your own icons, which you can then use in Customizer God.

To download Customizer God click HERE.

TweakNow PowerPack

TweakNow PowerPack menu

TweakNow PowerPack is a free program for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. This is a program that does not deal with the appearance of Windows, but its functionality. And we will admit right away, we really liked this program.

Firstly there is The Virtual Desktop module. With this option, you can create a desktop for, say, a job, save it, and then create a desktop for entertainment, and then in just a few clicks switch between these two desktops. Of course, you can have more than two saved desktops.

This is the option we liked the most, but the other options are also great. There is the option to set the computer to shut down automatically at a specified time, optimize RAM, create a special shortcut for programs that require a lot of processing power that will automatically assign the highest priority to those programs, registry cleaner, and more than 100 options for setting up Windows.

To download TweakNow PowerPack click HERE.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker menu

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a free program for Windows 7, 8, and 10. It contains more than 200 setup options and is one of the most complete programs of its kind. With this program, you can change your privacy, security, performance, search options, and a lot more.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker also doubles as a Windows 10 taskbar customization software. This allows us to change the layouts of icons for battery, time, date, and volume control. Our biggest criticism is that with so many options, beginners may be overwhelmed, and explanations in the program are often not enough.

To download Ultimate Windows Tweaker click HERE.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker

7+ Taskbar Tweaker menu

7+ Taskbar Tweaker is a program we have already written about and like all the programs on this list, it is free and works on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Although Ultimate Windows Tweaker allows us to change the Taskbar settings, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker raises this to a whole new level.

First, all the options are explained in detail, just hover the mouse cursor over any option and a detailed explanation of that option will appear. What the program offers does not overlap with the options that already exist in Windows, but adds new options that make the Taskbar more useful.

To download 7+ Taskbar Tweaker click HERE.

Folder Marker

Folder Marker menu

Folder Marker is a free program for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and is one of those incredibly simple programs that can be extremely useful. Despite the name, this program is not used to create folders but allows us to change the color of the folder.

In this way, it can make it easier to navigate when we have a bunch of folders in one place by changing the color of important folders. Another handy option is the ability to set the priority of the folder. Folders with a higher priority will be placed at the top of the list, while those with a lower priority will be moved to the bottom.

To download Folder Marker click HERE.



Rainmeter is a free program for Windows 7, 8, and 10 and if you are looking for a tool to edit the look and functionality of your desktop, you will hardly find a better one than this. The first thing we have to say is that in order to really use the full potential of this program, you will have to study it well. This is not a program for beginners.

Rainmeter works by allowing us to create a new desktop skin. This is a slightly simplistic explanation, as the skin can be a simple calendar widget or change the overall look and functionality of the desktop. The possibilities that the program offers are very extensive and once you learn to use it, it is really hard to stop changing and customizing your desktop.

To download Rainmeter click HERE.



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