SnoreGym – Stop Snoring by Regularly Exercising the Oral Cavity Muscles

SnoreGym – Stop Snoring by Regularly Exercising the Oral Cavity Muscles

SnoreGym is a free app for Android and iOS that will show you how to do exercises to help you stop snoring. In this review, we’ll focus on the Android version, but everything we’re going to say applies to iOS as well.

How Does SnoreGym Work?

One of the main and most common reasons why we snore is weak muscles of the oral cavity. This means that certain exercises, which focus on strengthening the muscles of the tongue, throat, and cheeks, can help reduce or stop snoring altogether. SnoreGym will show you how to do these exercises.

Once you install and run SnoreGym, you’ll see a simple user interface that looks nice but is a bit dated. The application does not contain too many options, so navigating is quite simple.

SnoreGym menu

The main function of SnoreGym is to show you how to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the oral cavity. Text instructions guide you through the exercises, as well as an animation that will show you how to perform the exercise correctly. Each exercise is done for a certain period of time, and the application will count down this time for you.

What we really liked is that during the duration of the exercise, the animation will show exactly what you should be doing at what moment. This means that the easiest way to do the exercise correctly is to follow this animation. This makes exercising easy and a bit fun.

As the authors of SnoreGym say, to achieve results it is necessary to practice at least twice a day for 5 minutes over a period of eight weeks. That’s why it’s good that there’s also a reminder where you can set at what time the app will remind you to start exercising.

SnoreGym also includes a paid version and miraculously, there is no monthly subscription, but once you pay, you get all the extra options forever, which are not that many. The main thing you get by paying for the premium version is the Daily Target option, which, in addition to the ability to set daily goals, as the name suggests, will give you insight into various statistics.

SnoreGym settings

If You Have Problems With Snoring, Try SnoreGym

Honestly, we haven’t had eight weeks to personally check whether these exercises really help, but from the comments of users, we conclude that this is the case. If you have problems with snoring, we suggest you try this application. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so SnoreGym gets our recommendation.

Android and iOS

In the download link, we have provided SnoreGym version for Android, if you want to download iOS version, click HERE.



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