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Mote – Audio Comments on Google Services

Writing emails, messages and comments are, for most of us, part of everyday life. If you type slowly, this can take a long time. It would be much better if we could leave a voice message. Mote is a free plugin for Google Chrome that will allow you to leave voice messages on Google services […]Read More


How to Scan a Document Using Google Drive on Android

Google Drive on Android has a handy option for scanning documents. The options for editing a scanned document are quite poor compared to applications that deal exclusively with documents scanning. However, it is easy to use, and most users have Google Drive already installed on their phone. Check out our video tutorial where we show […]Read More


Google Drive – A Complete Guide

Google Drive is a Google Cloud Service that every user who creates a Google Account automatically gets for free. The free version of Drive gives users 15 GB of space, and more space can be purchased. You can use this space to store your documents such as pictures, videos, or any type of file. Keep […]Read More


How to Free up Space on Google Drive

When you create a Google Account, you also automatically get Google Drive. You have 15 GB of free space on Google Drive, and you can buy additional space. This space is used as storage for all Google services such as Gmail, Google Photos, phone backup, and more. When this space is full, the only way […]Read More