Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Apps for Job Searching

Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Apps for Job Searching

Job searching applications are essentially just bulletin boards on which employers place ads, and users can apply to them. However, apps offer additional functions that the bulletin board does not offer.

First of all, searching for ads using the app is much more convenient and faster because you can set the criteria for the job you are looking for and view only the ads that meet those criteria. Second, you can set the app to notify you when a new job listing appears that you are potentially interested in, and also applying through the app is much easier than sending emails.

When looking for a job, how you find the ad doesn’t matter that much. That is why we suggest you use all possible resources and do not limit yourself only to the applications. However, you should definitely use these applications as they will surely help you in your search.



LinkedIn is a free Android and iOS job searching app that is probably better known for its website. LinkedIn originated as a social network focused on career and professional development, but very quickly became the main platform for publishing job listings and finding a job. The fact that 77% of companies rely on LinkedIn to find job candidates speaks volumes about the huge success of this service.

In addition to its huge popularity, the features that the application and the website offer are phenomenal. The first thing you need to do is create your account and here it is recommended to use your real name. When you create an account, you need to fill in your profile, and this should be seen as making a CV. In the profile, you can enter your previous work experiences, your knowledge, and expertise, as well as what kind of job you are looking for.

As with most social networks, it is possible to connect with other users, exchange messages and posts, but it is also possible for other users to guarantee that you have knowledge in the area you have entered in your profile. In addition to the users who guarantee your knowledge, it is possible to do a test, which if you pass you get a badge that indicates this and is always visible next to the topic from which you did the test.

As we said, most employers rely on LinkedIn to find candidates, which means that the number of job ads found here is probably higher than on any other application. In addition to the jobs you apply for yourself, employers will receive suggestions for potential candidates, and it is not uncommon to receive an invite for an interview directly from them.

If you are looking for a job LinkedIn is your first stop. The app works great and contains a huge number of job listings. Even if you sign up for a job from another service, the employer will probably want to look at your LinkedIn profile. This is one social network where you need to have an account.

Website, Android and iOS

Visit the LinkedIn website.
Download LinkedIn for Android.
Download LinkedIn for iOS.



Glassdoor is a free job searching app available for Android and iOS and like LinkedIn, it is probably better known for its website. With this app, you will find a large number of job listings, and new ads are posted daily. Unlike LinkedIn, Glassdoor does not focus on the knowledge and work experience of users and the only criticism we have is that filling out a job application using the app is quite inconvenient, so in this segment, we suggest you use the website.

However, this is not that important because what the application focuses on is a much more useful thing, and that is the ratings and reviews of companies. Glassdoor is a place where employees in any company can, completely anonymously, write their working experience in the company and leave a star rating, and the overall rating is the average of all ratings that the company received. The companies themselves cannot in any way influence or change this rating, which creates a level of trust in these ratings.

This means that Glassdoor is the application that is best used to check companies before you sign up for a job by reading about the experiences of those who work or have worked in a given company. This can be of great help because it serves the users to get an impression of the atmosphere and work ethic of the company, before signing the contract.

We are honestly of the opinion that no matter what application you use to view and find job listings before you sign up for any of them, first check on the company with Glassdoor. When a company is bad and has a low grade, it is better to skip it than to take risks and get burned.

Website, Android and iOS

Visit the Glassdoor website.
Download Glassdoor for Android.
Download Glassdoor for iOS.



SnagAJob is a free job searching application available for Android and iOS, and it can be accessed on a computer via the website. What makes this application stand out is that it focuses on freelancers, as well as seasonal and part-time jobs.

Once you create an account, you can import your personal information from Facebook or Google, and you can fill it in yourself within the app. Then you need to choose what type of job you are looking for, for example, a seasonal job, a summer job or a part-time job. Then choose the type of job you want to do and how far from where you live you want to work. The app will then show you all the ads that match the set criteria.

Since the assumption is that if you work through SnagAJob, you will often change the location where you work, the application has a great feature that will show you a map and the exact location of the company that placed the ad. This is great not only for finding your employer’s address more easily, but it’s also convenient to determine if it’s convenient for you to go to that location.

SnagAJob is an application that should be kept in mind if you are a student looking for a part-time job or if you are a freelancer. The application is easy to use, works great, and the number of ads is quite large.

Website, Android and iOS

Visit the SnagAJob website.
Download SnagAJob for Android.
Download SnagAJob for iOS.



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