Month: August 2021

Utilities & Operating Systems

BatteryBar – Better Battery Icon for Windows

In all respects, desktop computers are superior to laptops. They are cheaper, work better and last longer. Still, laptops have one undeniable advantage that desktops can’t compete with, portability. This single advantage is enough for many users to opt for this type of computer. So it’s a bit ironic that the battery is, for the […]Read More


How to Change the Profile Picture on Discord

The Discord profile picture is a public face that we show to the community. A good picture can say a lot about a person, and if you have a picture that you don’t like, you can easily change it. Before we move on to the tutorial, you should keep in mind a few rules when […]Read More


How to Remove Text Formatting in Microsoft Word

If you copied some text in Microsoft Word and that text contains formatting that you don’t like, it’s best to remove the formatting and start over. Word offers us a handy option with which, in just a few clicks, we can remove all text formatting from a document or part of a document. We’ve already […]Read More


How to Stop Automatic Video Playback in Microsoft Edge

The automatic playback of videos on websites is something that more and more people don’t like. When we access a page we don’t want to hear the sound from the video that is often not yet visible on the screen. Microsoft Edge has the option to turn off this browser behavior. Watch our video where […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Weather Apps

Smartphones have long since taken on the role of many office and other devices. Who still uses a calculator, flashlight, or camera? Although mobile phones replace dozens of other devices, the real power of these handheld computers is in the quick and easy availability of information. Weather forecast applications fall into this category. Reliable application […]Read More


How to Block Notifications in Chrome on Windows 10

Web Push Notifications or website notifications are messages that websites send to their users. When a user first visits a website, if that site has notifications, the user will be asked if he wants to receive them. The user may or may not agree to this. These notifications can be useful to users and inform […]Read More

Desktop Enhancements

SystemTrayMenu – Better Organization of Windows

Accessing installed programs on Windows is most convenient using desktop shortcuts. However, the space on the desktop is limited and it is easy to overload it with icons and make navigating very difficult and slow. The purpose of the Start menu is to take some of the work from the desktop and provide another way […]Read More


How to Create a Shortcut for Any Website on Your Computer

We recently did a tutorial in which we showed you how to create a desktop shortcut to a website in Chrome, however, there is an even simpler method. But not only that, this method works in all internet browsers and on all operating systems, and the shortcut will open a webpage in the browser that […]Read More


How to Reopen Last Closed Tab in Chrome

If you accidentally close a tab in Chrome and want to reopen it, you don’t have to go into history and search for a closed tab there. You can do this much faster and easier. Watch our video where we show you how to reopen the last closed Tab in Chrome using Windows 10. Video […]Read More