automaticDark – Change of the Day and Night

automaticDark – Change of the Day and Night

The blue light produced by the computer screen is the main cause of fatigue and eye pain. Dark themes, also known as Dark Mode, mostly work by reducing blue light emissions and thus protecting the user’s eyes. It is important to note that this blue light has a far greater impact on the eyes when the environment is dark than when it is light.

automaticDark is a free plugin for Mozilla Firefox internet browser that will automatically turn on a dark theme during the night and turn it off during the day.

How Does automaticDark Work?

When you install the automaticDark plugin, its icon will not appear in the upper right corner of the screen. This is a bit unusual and the only way to access the plugin settings is from the Add-ons and themes section. This is not a big criticism because once you set up the plugin, you won’t often need to set it up again.

automaticDark settings

automaticDark, as its name suggests, is used to automatically turn the dark theme of Firefox Internet browsers on and off. The plugin contains a single page with settings and here we have only a few options.

First, we need to choose at what time the dark theme will be turned on, and when it will be turned off. Here we can set the time when the sun rises and sets manually, but there is also a great option to automatically adjust this time depending on the location of the user. This is great because sunrise and sunset times depend on the time of year, and this option will automatically adjust that time.

After this, we need to choose which theme will be used during the day and which during the night. By default, the default Firefox theme will be turned on during the day and the Dark theme of this browser at night. These themes can be changed and set to any of the ten themes we already have installed in Firefox. If we install new themes in this browser, they will become available in the plugin, so we can use them freely.

We must note that themes that are installed as plugins cannot be used. Only the themes we add in the Add-ons and themes > Themes section can be used.

automaticDark Is a Simple but Great Plugin

automaticDark is a simple plugin, but the function it performs is very useful. It is easy to use and once you set it up, you can forget about the plugin because it does its job quietly in the background. During use, the plugin worked perfectly so it got our recommendation.

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