InsertLearning – An Interactive Lesson Out of Any Website

InsertLearning – An Interactive Lesson Out of Any Website

Online teaching became part of everyday life during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the development of online teaching, tools have been developed that help make this type of learning as efficient and accessible as possible, both for students and teachers. Given that students spend much more time online than professors, tools that will easily enable professors to teach are extremely important.

InsertLearning is a free plugin for Google Chrome web browser that allows students and teachers to better and more easily organize and maintain online classes.

How Does InsertLearning Work?

When you install the InsertLearning plugin, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The first thing you need to do is create a free account and log in. After that, you need to choose whether you are a student or a teacher, and the plugin will be ready for use.

InsertLearning on website

The idea of ​​the InsertLearning plugin is to allow teachers to make an interactive lesson out of any website. They can choose any website, mark the most important parts, add comments that can be written, but also in the form of a video, set quizzes that are inserted directly into the website, and thus allow students to easily and quickly learn a lesson. Students can also mark parts of the text that they consider important and leave comments, which teachers can read and give their answers.

For students, use is easy. They will receive the code they need to enter into the plugin from the teacher and will be shown all the lessons. For professors, the plugin is a bit more complicated, but still easy to use. Namely, professors should first choose which subject they teach and for which class.

InsertLearning will then offer them a large number of online resources in their field that they can use, and they can also use websites of their own choice. The only problem here is the fact that the websites that are suggested are in English, so it will be less useful for professors who teach in other languages.

InsertLearning Is a Phenomenal Tool That Will Help Both Teachers and Students

InsertLearning is a phenomenal plugin. It’s easy to use, and the way it helps students learn is original and can save them a lot of time. We did not encounter any problems during its use, so it receives our recommendation.

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