Night Shift Redux – less eye strain

 Night Shift Redux – less eye strain

Let’s remember, for a moment, how pleasant it is to go out on a clear and sunny day and look at the beautiful blue sky. How soothing it is to observe this blue infinity and how much that look rests our eyes. It is amazing that when we look at the monitor, it is the blue color that is responsible for the strain and fatigue of our eyes.

There are several studies that show that the blue color emitted by the screens, in addition to straining the eyes, also has a negative effect on our sleep, so it is recommended that we should not look at a computer or mobile phone screen for two hours before bedtime. Of course, this is exactly the time when most of us like to watch a video on YouTube, browse Reddit or take a look at what is happening on social networks.

Fortunately, sometimes technology can help us not to change our habits. Unfortunately, we still have to avoid pancakes with cream late at night, but at least, we can watch videos with pancakes using Night Shift Redux, a free plugin for Google Chrome.

How does Night Shift Redux help rest our eyes?

Night Shift Redux is a free plugin for Google Chrome, that only works on computers running Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. It works by adding warmer tones to all the colors on the website and thus the blue light emitted by the screens is neutralized.

Night Shift Redux different settings

After the installation in the part with Google Chrome plugins, a new icon will appear, which when you click, a drop-down menu will open. Here you can choose which shade of color your screen will be colored and the intensity of that color. We especially like this because we all have different preferences when it comes to colors. What is not very clear to us is why light blue is among the colors we can choose – that is exactly the color we want to avoid.

Night Shift Redux menu

Among other settings, we can choose when this mode will turn on. We can manually turn this on and off, but also set everything to work automatically. There is also an option for a dark mode that will turn all white colors into black and black into white.

Warmer colors and rested eyes with Night Shift Redux

This plugin, of course, is not the only one of its kind, but it is among the better ones. It is so simple to use that everyone will be able to use it without any problems. If you feel that your eyes are straining and burning, we recommend you install Night Shift Redux, you will not regret it.



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