Pizza Timer – Alarm That Plays Your Favorite Music

Pizza Timer – Alarm That Plays Your Favorite Music

Of all the operating systems available to us, one recognition we must give to Windows is that we have the most diverse and unusual programs on it. Some of these programs are useful, some are not, some try to solve a specific problem, while some try to give us a convenient solution to a problem we often encounter. Sometimes what sets them apart is simply their appearance.

Pizza Timer is a free program for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, which definitely belongs to the category of programs with one of the most unusual looks, as well as names, which we had the pleasure to meet.

What Is Pizza Timer?

Pizza Timer is a portable program, which means there is no installation, all you have to do is download it, unpack it and it is ready to use. The program serves as a timer to which you can add any MP3, WAV, MIDI, and AVI song from your computer, set a specific time and the timer will automatically start counting down. After the set time has elapsed, the song you have selected will start playing and thus serving as an alarm. In addition to the countdown, it is possible to select the exact time when the alarm should sound.

As we mentioned, what attracted us to Pizza Timer was the look of the user interface. Namely, the program looks like a small remote control or electronic car key. In addition to this unusual look, the interface is very functional.

Pizza Timer menu

In the upper part of the UI, there is a small display that shows the time remaining and the name of the selected song. At the bottom we have buttons to control the program, with which we can add a song, and start, stop and pause the timer. We also have handy buttons with which we can add or subtract one or five minutes. We can also set the time on the timer by entering the time directly in the display, which is a detail that we really liked.

The idea of ​​the Pizza Timer is to be simple and easy to use, which it has more than succeeded in, but we still believe that it lacks some more advanced features. In addition to alarms, a program could have functions, such as shutting down a computer, launching a specific program, or a web page, and we believe that designers could easily add these functions while maintaining the simplicity of the program.


Pizza Timer is a handy program and if you need a timer that is easy to use, plays your favorite music, and looks very unusual, this is the program for you. Unfortunately, we believe that for most users this program will be too simple and will not meet all their needs, and if you think you belong to this group, Pizza Timer is not for you.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10



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