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How to turn on Dark Mode in Google Maps on Android

Dark Mode is a function that changes the color of the application to black. The purpose of this option is to reduce eye strain while using the app in the dark, but many prefer this look, so they always keep this option on. The Google Maps app for Android includes a Dark Mode option, and […]Read More


How to Pause Ad Blocker in Brave for Android

In our opinion, Brave is the best internet browser, whether you use it on a PC or a mobile phone. In addition to protecting your security and not monitoring your internet activity, it also has a built-in Ad Blocker. However, some websites detect Ad Blocker and do not allow you to view the content until […]Read More


How to Delete YouTube Watch and Search History on Android

YouTube keeps a history of videos you’ve watched, as well as a history of everything you’ve typed into the search box. This can be a problem if you don’t want others to see what you’re watching or searching for. The good news is that this history can be deleted. Watch our video where we show […]Read More

Business Software

Top 5 Best Free Programs for Starting a New Business

The biggest problem when starting your own private company is the risk you take and the money. As far as risk is concerned, we have one encouraging remark. Employment in the company used to be secure. Back when you could count on starting and ending your career in the same company and thus having a […]Read More

Educational Software

Top 4 Best Free Android Apps for Students

Modern technology helps us in all aspects of life, and education has seen probably the greatest benefit. We all laugh at the time when teachers and professors told us that we would not always have a calculator or an encyclopedia at hand. Those statements were definitely wrong, but although the way we learn has changed, […]Read More


How to Create and Delete a Bookmark in Chrome on Android

Bookmarks are handy for quick and easy access to the websites we visit often. Once you find the website you plan to visit again, it’s a good idea to bookmark it. Remembering the name of the website or the exact name of the page is unnecessary and impractical. However, most of us tend to make […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Travel Planning Programs

If you are planning a trip, the organization is the most important part. You can hire an agency for this, but they usually offer already prepared plans from which there are not many deviations. If you want an atypical trip, you will have to organize everything yourself. With the help of modern technology, this has […]Read More