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How to Save an Image From Microsoft Word

If someone has sent you a Word document containing an image that you want to download and save to your computer, the good news is that it is possible to do this. When you save an image, you’ll even be able to choose the format in which the image will be saved. Watch our video […]Read More


Threads – A New Social Network Similar to Twitter

When the famous billionaire, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, bought the Twitter company last year, the news quickly spread through the media, with the help of journalist Matt Taibbi, of the incredible level of censorship that this social network implemented. It was shown here that moderators had the ability to fully influence whether […]Read More


How to Crop an Image Into a Shape in PowerPoint

PowerPoint includes an option that will allow you to crop any picture in one of the offered shapes. In this way, you can easily beautify the presentation and give it a certain flare. All you have to do is add the image to the presentation, and then in the Crop section, select the shape in […]Read More