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Desktop Enhancements

Dimmer – Adjusting the Screen Brightness

We all know that looking at a computer screen for a long time is tiring, and this is due to the blue color that the monitor produces. In addition to feeling tired, this can lead to headaches and poor sleep. The solution is to adjust the brightness of the monitor, especially at night. However, doing […]Read More

Productivity Software

Dualless – Virtual Multi-Monitor Environment

If your job involves working on a computer, and you have never used a dual monitor setup, believe us you must try this. Working on two monitors will help you better organize your workspace, will significantly speed up your work, and at the end of the day, you will be less tired. The problem is […]Read More


How to change monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

When we buy a new monitor for our computer, what we pay the most attention to is the screen size and color quality. We are not claiming that this is not important, but one very important item, that we often forget, is the refresh rate of the monitor. The refresh rate of the monitor is […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

Gammy – automatic screen adjustments

A monitor is one of the main components through which your computer communicates with you. You can’t do much with a computer or laptop if you don’t have a screen. That’s why your eyes need to feel as little strain as possible when using a computer, and that’s why it’s most important that your monitor […]Read More