Top 3 free Android flashlight apps

Top 3 free Android flashlight apps

The flashlight apps on Android are slowly dying out. The reason for this is that modern versions of the Android operating system contain a function that turns the camera flash into a flashlight. Because of that, the applications themselves are no longer needed, and the additional functions they have are not so useful.

This was not the case with older phones that did not have a flash, and these applications worked by turning the phone screen into a lamp, mostly by increasing the screen brightness to the maximum.

One curiosity from the past

Before we get to the top list of the best flashlight apps, here’s a curiosity from the old days. A big problem with almost all applications from the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century was that they required access to parts of the phone that were not needed for the application to function. Apps even refused to work if you didn’t allow them access to everything they wanted.

Flashlight applications were the worst example of this problem and users began to notice the problem for the first time because of these applications. On phones without a flash, for uninterrupted operation, these applications do not need access to any part of the phone, while phones with a flash only need to have access to the camera. These apps went so far that they required access to contacts, pictures, microphone, messages, and many other parts of the phone.

This top list is not sorted in any particular order. These are three applications that offer different options and we believe that any type of user will benefit from one of them.

Bright Light Flashlight

Bright Light Flashlight

Bright Light Flashlight is a simple, free flashlight application created by a small development team based in Canada. Both the camera flash and the screen itself can be used as a lamp. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. It contains all of the most useful functions, but not so many as to overload the user. We recommend this application as a good choice for a general-purpose flashlight.

You can download Bright Light Flashlight HERE.



Unlike the previous application, Flashlight is full of features. It has functions for everything from camping to parties, and it also has compasses and a Morse code transmitter. The biggest problem with this app is the ads. Often, you will need to look at an ad before using certain features. in spite of that, you will not find an application with more features than this one.

You can download Flashlight HERE.

Shake Flashlight

Shake Flashlight

Shake Flashlight is the best app on this list. It has only one function, and that is to allow users to turn on the flashlight by shaking the phone. The previous application we wrote about also has this function, but it is only available if you pay for the app. Although it does not have the function to turn the screen into a flashlight, nor any of the “fancy” options, this one function makes this application the most useful for most users.

You can download Shake Flashlight HERE.



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