Top 3 Most Dangerous Viruses in 2021

Top 3 Most Dangerous Viruses in 2021

Viruses, like all other types of programs, are constantly evolving and becoming more advanced and dangerous. Criminals are ruthless and nothing will stop them from trying to hack your computer or mobile phone, in order to steal your most valuable data. The most frequently stolen data are bank account information, personal photos, as well as ID card data.

The only way to completely protect yourself from viruses is to install an antivirus program. We are big advocates of using free programs, but in this category, our recommendation is that it is best to buy a good antivirus program. There are many decent free programs of this type, but they never allow you to use all the options, so it is necessary to pay for full protection.

We will present you with a list of the top 3 most dangerous viruses in 2021. These viruses did not appear this year, they have been around for a while, but a new version was created this year, which is especially dangerous, so you should pay attention to them.



Fleeceware is technically not a virus and that is what makes it so dangerous, and that is exactly why we put it in the first place. It is a type of program and application that does not contain any malicious code, does not track your internet activity, or steals your private data. For this reason, Fleeceware is completely legal.

What Fleeceware does is offer you a legitimate service, for example, an application for viewing images on the Internet or a screen capture program, which the application or program itself does. However, in order to use the application, you have to pay a monthly subscription, but before you pay for it, you can try out the application for free.

To start the Free Trial, you must first enter your payment card number and accept the terms of use, where somewhere in small print and incomprehensible, lawyer’s language says that after the free trial you agree to automatically pay the subscription and continue using the application.

Therein lies the deception. This subscription can be several hundred dollars a month, far more than any legitimate option, and there are examples that it costs more than $ 1,000 a month. What is especially dangerous is that you can uninstall the application, but if you have not activated to the hidden option to stop using the app, the subscription will be charged.

It is estimated that more than 600 million Android users have downloaded Fleeceware in the past few years. Our advice is that if you come across an application or program that offers a free trial but requires you to enter your payment card number in advance, delete that application or program immediately.

Clop Ransomware

Clop Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of virus that, when it infects your computer, encrypts data on it so you can’t access it without entering a password. To get a password, you have to pay rent to hackers for it.

Clop Ransomware is one of the newest and most dangerous viruses of its kind. It is a variant of the well-known CryptoMix Ransomware, which most often affects users of the Windows operating system.

Before encrypting your data, Clop Ransomware blocks over 600 Windows processes, including Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. This way, you are left without any protection, unless you have an antivirus.

What is especially worrying is the fact that a new version of this virus has emerged, which can infect entire computer networks, not just individual computers. Maastricht University in the Netherlands was the victim of this virus, where almost all Windows computers were infected and the university was forced to pay rent.

In addition, we want to point out the so-called Fake Windows Updates, which became popular in 2021, although they have existed since before.

Namely, in the email, you get a notification that you need to install the latest Windows update, and you can do that by clicking on the link in the email. The email, as well as the email address, looks legitimate and seems to come from Microsoft, but when you click on the link, a virus is installed. This is one of the ways in which Ransomware spreads, and since there is no virus in the email itself, email services cannot detect fraud.

This is the most common way Clop Ransomware spreads, in addition to common spam emails. The best way to protect yourself, other than using good antivirus software, is not to open such emails. Microsoft will never send you an email notifying you of updates because the Windows operating system has a section in charge of this, so there is no need for this type of communication.

Zeus GameOver

Zeus Gameover

Zeus GameOver belongs to the Zeus family of viruses and malware. It is a Trojan, malware disguised as a regular program, which accesses your private data in order to reveal your bank account information and steal your money.

The reason why Zeus GameOver is so dangerous is that it does not require a central server to work and send the data it steals there, which was the main problem with previous versions of this virus. When there is a central server, it is possible to find its physical location and thus find those responsible for the hacking.

As we said Zeus GameOver does not require a central server but uses something called an Independent Server to which it sends stolen data. Such server is, for now, impossible to trace, so the hackers are protected from the police.

Fake Windows update emails and spam emails are, as with Clop Ransomware, the most common way Zeus GameOver spreads, and the best way to protect yourself is to use an antivirus and not open such emails.



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