Two Best Apps for Watching Movies for Free on Android and iOS

Two Best Apps for Watching Movies for Free on Android and iOS

Since Netflix revolutionized the way we watch movies with their streaming service and completely destroyed the business model of video clubs, a huge number of competitors have appeared on the market, all with the desire to take a “piece of the cake” from Netflix. The thing is that you have to pay for these services, and since there are so many of them, instead of a few dollars or euros for one subscription, today we often have to pay for several subscriptions to watch all our favorite movies.

With the rise of paid streaming services, free variants have appeared, but in this field the situation is terrible. In the first place, there are ads. If you’ve ever thought that ads in free mobile games are annoying, you definitely haven’t seen ads in free streaming services. It will often happen that you watch commercials more than the movie itself, and if you even think of rewinding the video, you will first have to watch another block of commercials, which sometimes lasts as long as 15 minutes. In addition to commercials, there are services that have only trailers or parts of the move but are advertised as Netflix competitors.

Another big problem is the availability of these applications. Often they are only available for a specific region, mostly in the United States, and there are cases where you need to have a specific phone model in order to install the app.

For all these reasons, our job today was not easy. We want to present you with applications that we ourselves would use. We have managed to find only two applications, which we really believe are good enough to recommend to you.



YouTube doesn’t need an introduction, we’ve all heard of it and we all use it. It is available through the website on all operating systems, and it also has an application for Android and iOS. In addition, it is completely free. You may be a little surprised that we’ve included it as a movie-watching app since YouTube is known for user videos, not movies.

Don’t let this fool you. YouTube contains a huge library of films, although these are mostly old films that production companies put on their channels or films by independent artists. Nevertheless, the movies you can find here are great and noteworthy, and there are a lot of classics.

There are several reasons why YouTube is so good for watching movies. The YouTube app comes pre-installed on many mobile phones and most users already use it, so there’s no need to install anything, and you already know how to use it. The film library is really huge and you will find thousands of films from countries around the world. Also, downloading movies from YouTube is very easy, so you can watch them offline this way.

The biggest problem with YouTube, as with all free movie-watching apps, is ads. However, on YouTube, it is very easy to get around ads by using Brave Browser, which is in our opinion the best browser on the market, and we absolutely recommend that you use it and forget about everything else. Brave Browser has a built-in AdBlocker that works perfectly, so when you watch YouTube on this browser, there will be no ads. This is a much better option than the app, and you can watch our video showing you how to set Brave Browser to block ads.

We apologize if we praised Brave Browser too much, but we sincerely believe that YouTube combined with Brave Browser is by far the best way to watch movies for free on a mobile phone.

Website, Android, and iOS

Visit the YouTube website.
Download YouTube for Android.
Download YouTube for iOS.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a free application for Windows 8, 10, 11, macOS, Android, and iOS and this is not a classic application for watching movies, it works on a slightly different principle, which is why we liked it so much.

When you launch the Cinema HD app you will see a user interface similar to the one we have in an app like Netflix. You can choose whether you want to watch movies or TV series, and when you select one of these options, a large list of available movies or series will appear. You can search all the content using categories, or enter the name of the movie or series you want to watch in the search box.

When you find what you want to watch, we come to what makes the application different. Namely, the applications will search all free services on which the movie or series is available, and you can choose which service you want to watch from. What we especially liked was the option to download a movie or series so you can watch it offline.

The app will occasionally show ads, but they are not as frequent and annoying as most other apps. If you have downloaded a movie or series, you can watch it using any video player and in that case, there will be no ads at all.

The biggest problem with the Cinema HD app is that it’s not available on the Play Store, so you have to install it “manually”. In the download link, you will be able to download the version of the application for all supported devices, as well as instructions on how to install it.

Windows 8, 10, 11, macOS, Android, and iOS

Download Cinema HD.



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