Month: August 2022


How to Password Protect a Word Document

If you have a Word document that contains sensitive information that is not for prying eyes, one way to protect that information is to set a password on the document. Once you set a password, as you might guess, before the content of the document can be displayed, you will need to enter the password […]Read More

Business Software

Smallpdf – Converting and Compressing PDF Files

The PDF format is used when we want to be sure that the document will look identical on all screens, in all resolutions, and in whatever program it was written. The good thing about PDF files is that it is easy to convert them to other formats or to convert another format to PDF. Smallpdf […]Read More


How to Turn On or Off Talkback Option on Android

TalkBack is an Android feature designed for visually impaired people that reads the content on the screen for you. If you got a new phone and it suddenly started talking, it probably means that this option is turned on. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to turn on or off TalkBack option […]Read More


How to Rotate a Video in VLC Media Player

If you have a video that was recorded with a mobile phone or camera, but the person recording it held the device upside down, and now you have a video that is almost impossible to watch because everything is facing the wrong direction, VLC Media Player has a handy option that allows you to freely […]Read More

Productivity Software

Huntr – Help When Searching for a Job

When we are looking for a job, any help is welcome. During this process, we are forced to send our biographies, CVs, and motivational letters to as many job ads as possible, because in this way we increase the chance of receiving an invitation to an interview, and thus employment. During this process, it can […]Read More


How to Recover an Unsaved Microsoft Office Document

If your power went out or your computer restarted by itself or you accidentally shut down the Microsoft Office program you were working in and didn’t save your work beforehand, don’t despair. By default, Microsoft Office programs automatically save temporary copies of all documents you’re working on, and there’s a good chance you can restore […]Read More

Developer Tools

NotepadQQ – Notepad++ for Linux

Notepad is a simple text editor for Windows that we are all familiar with. However, it does not offer enough options for any serious work. That’s why Notepad++ was born, an open source program that brings numerous advantages over its older brother, first and foremost are numerous programming options. The biggest drawback of Notepad++ is […]Read More


How to Turn Off Tab Hover Cards in Google Chrome

The recently added Tab Hover Cards option in Google Chrome allows us to get a small image preview of what is in that tab when we hover the mouse cursor over a tab. If you think this option is unnecessary, you can easily turn it off. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how […]Read More