Kanbie – Organizing Your Work

Kanbie – Organizing Your Work

When our job requires daily work on the computer, any help in organizing tasks is welcome. We have a large selection of programs for this, but most of them are quite complicated to use, and many of them are not free or require additional payment to get all the available options.

Kanbie is a free plugin for Google Chrome internet browser that will help you better organize your work tasks with a simple to-do list.

How Does Kanbie Work?

When you install the Kanbie plugin its icon will appear in the upper right corner of Google Chrome internet browser. Clicking on this icon will open a nicely designed menu, which is divided into three columns.

Kanbie menu

You add new tasks by clicking on the plus sign, after which a menu will open in which you can enter the text of the task. In addition to the text, you can also add the time and date by which the task should be completed, and you can also add a label that allows you to group different types of tasks. When you have finished creating the task, press Enter on the keyboard and the task will appear in the first column, which is the task you have yet to do.

When you start completing a task, drag it to the second column, which represents the tasks you are currently working on, and when you finish it, to the third column, which represents the tasks you have done. If you want to delete a task, drag it to the trash can icon. As you can see, Kanbie works on a simple principle and is extremely easy to use, and the way it helps you organize your tasks is great.

When you want to add a time, date, or label to a task, you can do so by typing special characters, such as “t:” to add time or “#” to add a label, which will call up the menu to add these options. This is the only way to do this and there are no buttons for this, which we didn’t really like.

The program also contains keyboard shortcuts for, for example, creating a new task, opening the plugin menu and more, and these shortcuts cannot be changed, which we also did not like.

Kanbie Is a Convenient and Easy Way to Organize Your Tasks

Kanbie is a handy plugin that helps us organize our work tasks in a simple way. We do not consider the shortcomings we have pointed out to be so great, and when you get used to them, you will not even notice them. We did not encounter any problems or errors during use, so Kanbie gets our recommendation.

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