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Desktop Enhancements

DeadEye – Screenshots and Color Picker

When you are professionally using a PC, the tools, that is, the programs you use, are of utmost importance. Most users want to install a program that does one or more tasks and then never think about it again. That’s why we are big critics of free programs that put too many restrictions, to the […]Read More


How to Change the Screenshot Key In Steam

When you are playing a game on Steam and want to take a screenshot, by default, the screenshot key is F12. However, this shortcut can be changed, and you can choose any button or combination of buttons on the keyboard. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to change the screenshot key in […]Read More


How to Take a Screenshot Using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player, in addition to playing videos, contains a lot of useful options. One of them is the ability to take a screenshot. In this way, you can easily and quickly take a picture of a scene from a currently loaded video. The best thing about taking screenshots this way is that the image […]Read More

Internet Software

GoFullPage – Screenshotting the Whole Webpage

Creating a screenshot is an easy task. All you have to do is press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and you will get a picture of everything that is seen on the screen. The problem with this way of taking screenshots is that you have to use additional programs to edit the image, […]Read More


How to View Your Screenshots on Steam

When you play the game via Steam and take a screenshot, you can view that image directly from Steam. When viewing your screenshots this way, it’s handy that Steam has an option that allows you to view only the latest screenshots or only screenshots from a particular game. This way, navigating is quick and easy, […]Read More

Desktop Enhancements

Lightscreen – Take a Picture of Your Screen

Anyone who often needs to take a screenshot knows how time-consuming such a simple task can be. When you use the usual method for this, using the Print Screen button on the keyboard, you get a screenshot of your whole screen, which you then have to open in an image processing program, and if you […]Read More