BuiltWith – Analyzing Websites

BuiltWith – Analyzing Websites

The builtwith.com website provides information about the technologies used by a particular website as well as statistical data on popular trends in web development. Here you can find information about which programming languages are the most popular, which platforms and frameworks are used the most, as well as whether the popularity of a particular tool is increasing or decreasing. However, what if you want to look at what technologies and tools is a specific website built without opening the builtwith.com website?

BuiltWith is a free plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that will allow you to quickly and easily see which technologies and tools a certain website was built with.

How Does BuiltWith Work?

BuiltWith is a plugin made by the same company behind the website builtwith.com. When you install the plugin, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, in the part of the internet browser reserved for plugin icons. The first thing you need to do is create a free account, after which the plugin is ready to use.

Using it is extremely simple. Go to the website you want to analyze, click on the plugin icon, and in the newly opened menu you will be shown detailed information about which platform the website was built with, and which frameworks it uses, in the case of WordPress, you will be able to see the installed plugins, as well as a large number of additional information.

BuiltWith menu

Unfortunately, not everything is so perfect. The first problem is that there are websites, such as Google, that will “return” incorrect information, so you cannot trust this data. This is mostly the case with larger sites, so you can trust the plugin when it comes to smaller sites.

A much bigger problem is that the free version of the plugin allows only 10 analyzes per day. Note that these are not 10 analyzes of different websites. Each time you are on a website and click on the plugin icon, it will count as one analysis. This means that if you need to view information for the same website multiple times, you can only do it 10 times. This is a disastrous system in our opinion, which makes BuiltWith unusable, at least until you pay.

BuiltWith Is a Great Plugin, but Only When You Pay

BuiltWith is an excellent and extremely useful plugin, both for developers and website owners. Unfortunately, we can’t really categorize it as a free program, even though it’s advertised as such. Measly 10 analyzes per day are not enough to properly test the plugin, let alone to use it in daily work, so we suggest you find another program that is really free. If you need more than 10 website checks per day, you can check that directly on builtwith.com.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

In the download link, we have provided the BuiltWith version for Mozilla Firefox, if you want to download the Google Chrome version, please click HERE.



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