Substital – Subtitles on Every Online Video

Substital – Subtitles on Every Online Video

When watching a movie or series on the Internet, a common problem is that you cannot load the subtitles you want. The subtitles is either not available at all or is available in a language you do not understand. Even if you understand the language of the subtitles, sometimes the version that is available is not well synchronized with the video or in the worst cases, has no relation to what is happening in the video.

Substital is a free plugin available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that will allow you to load any subtitles, on any video, on any website.

How Does Substital Work?

When you install Substital in your internet browser, its icon will appear in the upper right corner, in the area reserved for plugin icons. There is no need to create an account or log in to use the plugin.

Substital menu

Using it is more than simple. First, go to the website that hosts the video you want to watch. This can be literally any site, and the plugin will also work with sites that offer videos with embedded subtitles. Open the video page and click on the plugin icon. Substital will automatically detect the video, and you will have to click a button in the plugin menu that will integrate Substital into the player on the web page.

After this, a new icon with the Substital logo will appear in the player, and a menu will appear over the video where you can select the translation language and perform a search for the selected language. Once the search is complete, select the subtitles you want to use and the video will display the subtitles you selected.

As for the subtitles, they will work just like when you download and use them in a video you’re watching on your PC. You will be able to change the font size and color, set the background behind subtitles, adjust the color and transparency of the background, and it also includes the option to speed up and slow down the subtitles if they are not well synchronized.

Substital in player

The only complaint we have is that a couple of times when we search for subtitles, we got a message, several times in a row, that not a single subtitle was found, only to get a list of subtitles after several attempts. We believe this is just a current bug in the plugin and will be removed soon, so this is not a major complaint.

Substital Will Benefit Everyone Who Likes to Watch Movies and Series Online

Substital is a great plugin and will undoubtedly be useful for anyone who likes to watch movies and series online, especially if they don’t know English. The bug we found is not that big and with a little persistence you will solve it, so Substital gets our recommendation.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

In the download link, we have provided the Substital version for Firefox, if you want to download the Chrome version, click HERE.



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