Return YouTube Dislike – Return the Number of Dislikes on YouTube

Return YouTube Dislike – Return the Number of Dislikes on YouTube

Last year, YouTube removed the number next to the Dislike button that represents how many negative reactions a video has received. Many interpreted this as just another type of censorship, which we are increasingly seeing on the Internet in recent years. However, there is a way to get your dislikes number back, like before YouTube removed it.

Return YouTube Dislike is a free plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that will return the number of dislikes next to the Dislike button to YouTube.

How Does Return YouTube Dislike Work?

When you install Return YouTube Dislike, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Internet browser, in the area reserved for plugin icons. As soon as you install the plugin, it will automatically start working, so there is no need for any settings, and as the name suggests, it returns the number of dislikes next to the Dislike button on YouTube.

Return YouTube Dislike menu

The plugin works without any settings, but it contains options where you can edit how the likes and dislikes section of YouTube will look like. Here you can turn on an option that will stop your reactions from being sent to YouTube when you click the Like or Dislike button.

An option we particularly liked was the ability to change the colors of the Like or Dislike buttons, but here you can only choose from three predefined color combinations and there is no option to choose your own colors. There is also an option that will allow you to change the format in which the numbers are displayed next to the Like and Dislike buttons, and here you can choose to display the whole number or to write K or thousands instead of thousands.

Return YouTube Dislike settings

Return YouTube Dislike Solves the Problem That YouTube Imposed on Us

We, unfortunately, liked Return YouTube Dislike a lot. We say unfortunately because, in a fairer world, there would be no need for such a solution, but at least we have a way to solve the problem that YouTube has imposed on us. We didn’t encounter any problems or bugs while using it, so Return YouTube Dislike absolutely gets our recommendation.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

In the download link, we have provided Return YouTube Dislike version for Firefox, if you want to download Chrome version, click HERE.



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