Unhook – Remove Unnecessary Sections From YouTube

Unhook – Remove Unnecessary Sections From YouTube

YouTube is the most popular online video platform. Over the years, YouTube has evolved and added more and more options to its website. Users welcomed some of these options with enthusiasm, while others were completely unnecessary. Today, the YouTube website contains a bunch of options that many of us never use and would rather not have them at all.

Unhook is a free plugin for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers that will allow you to remove YouTube sections you deem unnecessary.

How Does Unhook Work?

When you install the Unhook plugin its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the internet browser. When you click on this icon, the plugin menu will open with the message that the plugin is disabled. To start using it, you must first enable the plugin by clicking the enable or disable button, located in the upper right corner of the menu.

Unhook menu

As we said, Unhook will allow you to remove sections of the YouTube website that you consider redundant. So you can turn off the comments section, the suggestions section, remove live chat, remove the playlist, turn off the video description section, and so on.

The plugin currently contains 30 options that remove different parts of the YouTube website, and about half of them are enabled by default. New options are constantly being added, and there is an interesting Request Feature option, with which you can suggest to developers a new option to add to the plugin.

Your task is to study these options and decide which parts of the YouTube website you want to remove. The options, in addition to the name that briefly describes what they are for, do not have detailed explanations, so you may not immediately understand what exactly what option does. So pay attention as it is possible to make the YouTube website completely unusable if you enable all the options that the plugin offers.

Unhook Makes the YouTube Website More Readable and Functional

Unhook is a handy plugin that will make the YouTube website more readable and functional. It’s a shame that this is not something we can do directly from YouTube, but this is also an acceptable solution. We did not encounter any problems or bugs during use, so Unhook gets our recommendation.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge



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